World Tourism Day – Choose From These 5 Places If You Want To Travel Abroad For 10 Thousand Rupees

World Tourism Day 2022: The good news is that even if your pocket is tight, you can still plan a trip outside of India. There are some places where you can stay within your budget.

World Tourism Day 2022: It is a pleasure to travel. Traveling and visiting new places is a very interesting part of life. In addition to giving you experiences, it also provides a great deal of commercial opportunity. Tourism also provides countries with a great deal of capital. In order to promote tourism and to encourage people to travel, this day is celebrated every year on 27th September.

You can leave even with 10,000 in your pocket if you are one of those people who love to travel a lot. These are some places where flight charges are included, and they also mention countries where you can travel for ten thousand dollars by removing the flight fare as well as making arrangements for accommodation and food.


Flights to Thailand, Bangkok, can be found between 1000 and 1500. For a trip of one to two days here, the cost of living and food won’t be that high. One day’s food will cost you up to 1100 and you’ll be able to stay in cheap hotels until 1500.


Besides being a cheap country, Bangladesh is one of the countries where you can plan your trip within your budget. You can go here by bus or by flight. When the flight fare is removed, the cost of one day’s food in Bangladesh is 700-800 rupees, while the cost of living is around 1500 rupees. It is also possible for one to travel around Bangladesh for Rs 400 to 500 in addition to this.

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If you are interested in visiting Nepal, you may want to visit Kathmandu. In addition to the mountains, you can also see the historical buildings and cities of Kathmandu. The fare from Delhi to Kathmandu is approximately Rs 3,000 on one side of the road. By walking around Kathmandu, eating, drinking, and buying a few things, you can go to Nepal for one day and return on a budget of 10,000.


On a budget, you can visit this beautiful country. You can consider the fare of 1000 rupees for a day if the flight fare is eliminated. You will also need to pay Rs.800 for food for one day. You can visit People Bay and the Mekong Delta for sightseeing.


One can spend a day or two in Bhutan. Even after removing the flight fare, you can get a dinner for 400-500 rupees a day. The 3 star hotel rooms cost between 700-800 rupees a day.

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