Women Find Out Their Husband’s Double Life on Facebook — Women Learn Of Their Husband’s Double Life On Facebook

I recently saw a Reddit post from an upset wife. She had learned that her husband of seventeen years had been living a double life and posted it on the site.

A woman shared her struggle with what to do after finding out she was living a lie on Reddit’s ‘True Off My Chest’ subreddit.

A Facebook Post Revealed That Her Husband Had A Second Family

The first thing she says in her post is, “My husband, my rock, has had an affair for over 17 years. I have been married for more than 25 years,” she says.

At the time of her sharing her story, two of the children were in college, while the third was still at home.

While her husband is out of state every other week at a branch of his company, the mother of the family stays at home to take care of the children.

Apparently, he is living with his other family in Albuquerque. He has two young children with a fiancée with whom he is engaged.”

It was discovered by the wife accidentally. While creating a new Facebook page, she searched for her husband’s name.

Suddenly, another account appeared, displaying a different last name.

Further digging revealed links to his fiancé’s page, along with photos of their children.

Her husband kissed the girl in those photos, and he also looked like a father to kids who are nearly identical to hers.

When I wrote this post, the man was at his second home while his wife was trying to figure out what to do next.

It is hard for her to comprehend how she could have overlooked the fact that he had been lying to her for the last almost two decades.

I feel broken inside. Almost every part of me would like to scream in his face and reprimand him for ruining my life. However, there is another part of me that would like to pretend to be ignorant and let it go.

I like him because of his love for our children, he is our main source of income, and he is good with our kids. However, to another family, he is all of those things as well.

Her greatest fear is that this shocking revelation could split up her own family and lead to the exposure of this horrendous information to another woman.

She has to deal with her emotions alone while her son, who still lives at home, is away on a graduation trip.

While her husband claimed that he worked hard, she spent all her time raising her children in the family home and during holidays.

An Attorney Has Been Consulted About What To Do Next By The Woman, According To Her Update

She also says she’s talked to the other woman about the situation, and she’s equally as upset as she is.

According to her, she confronted her husband and he is now in a hotel, but she has no idea what to say to her children about the situation.

The woman’s strength was praised by Reddit users.

A user wrote, “To protect yourself and your children, you have to clear your head.”.

Another person suggested getting a divorce lawyer and gathering evidence.

The fact that he has put a ring on her finger shows that you cannot ignore it, as he may very well be getting ready to give you divorce papers so that he can marry her.”

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