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Why Is The Gym Not Always The Right Place To Solve All Your Body’s Problems?

There are some people who exercise for health reasons. Some people exercise for competitive reasons or to feel accomplished. But most people go to the gym to get in shape. It looks better. The goal is to lose weight, increase strength, build abs, and tone up.

Our society and ourselves both put pressure on us to keep our appearances up, which doesn’t make caring about your appearance wrong. Your feelings about your body would be better discussed with a therapist rather than a personal trainer. You won’t change your ways dramatically about how you feel about your body if you don’t change the way you feel about it. I would like to explain.

A Slow Progress In Fitness

Before I began my body transformation journey, it took several weeks – maybe months – before I saw significant results. It won’t take long for you to see results if all you’re trying to do is lose fat. The process of gaining muscle may, however, seem long to you. That’s because it’s kind of a long process.

How do you build muscle if you want to lose fat? The process takes longer. It takes more calories to build muscle, then less calories to lose fat, and so on. Compared to doing one after the other, this is even slower.

In a few months (or a year), you can gain significant muscle mass, but it isn’t as much as you might think. Gains slow down after three months of training using an estimate of 4-7 pounds of muscle gained. These few pounds have been distributed throughout the body, making it significantly larger than the butt, but it’s not a gigantic ass…shoulders, biceps, or anything else you may concentrate on.

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You May Never Get The Body Of Your Dreams

However, let’s say that you continue to work. You lose fat, gain muscle, and eventually have a big butt and chiseled abs. Can you say that you are happy?

It is not, according to many people. Your abs may be visible, but your “blocky” waist is frustrating. No matter how big your butt is, it’s not big enough. It may be tight in your arms, but your shoulders don’t fit into the jacket you want to wear.

In reality, if you dislike one part of your body and start exercising, you’re likely to always find something you dislike about it. Being thin enough and saying, “Yeah, I’m perfect,” will not cure an eating disorder. The problem wasn’t the body in the first place.

It might be better to think of body image as a mental health issue instead of bringing eating disorders into this discussion. You might be obsessed with your body due to unhealthy thoughts, however. Despite this, you don’t have to quit the gym even if you find yourself here, according to the National Eating Disorders Association. In that case, you can also enjoy weightlifting and running. However, you may need to change your gym focus to stay healthy.

How About Focusing On What My Body Is Capable Of? Is it safe?

You don’t have to focus on hitting the gym forever just because weight loss or body image issues got you there. It’s amazing how much people enjoy seeing what they can accomplish once they see what they can achieve.

The best way to achieve this might be to become a bench god at the gym. There are so many cool exercises in the Crossfit box, or so much fun in Zumba that you end up becoming a dancer. Instead of starting a whole new sport, I decided to compete in sports versions of my gym activities – such as running a 5k race or lifting weights.

I actually enjoy it in a healthy way, so I don’t have to give up my interest in changing my look. We are all human after all.

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