What statement did India give on the Taiwan crisis?

Amidst the ongoing tension between China and Taiwan, the Ministry of External Affairs of India has issued a statement on its behalf. Apart from this, the ministry has also expressed grief in the recent Mandeep Kaur suicide case.

The ongoing tension between Taiwan and China is increasing continuously. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan, it has been said that 21 Chinese military aircraft and 6 Chinese naval ships are cruising in our area. Apart from this, the Ministry of Defense tweeted that 6 Chinese PLAN ships and 21 PLA aircraft have been detected in our area. Meanwhile, India’s reaction in this matter has also come to the fore.

The Ministry of External Affairs has said in its statement that India is concerned about the recent developments. In such a situation, we ask everyone to exercise restraint. On the other hand, the Ministry of External Affairs has also expressed grief over the suicide of Mandeep Kaur.

Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that this is a sad incident. Our local embassy is in touch with local authorities, police and family. Apart from this, we are also in contact with the US federal government. US officials have assured us that appropriate action will be taken in accordance with the law. We will continue to work towards a thorough investigation.

Apart from this, on Russian oil related matters, the Foreign Ministry said that keeping in view the energy security, we will decide our decision on the purchase of oil. At the same time, we are having discussions with NATO at many levels.

Let us tell you that Taiwan has also started preparations to respond to every attack of obstinate China. Media reports have claimed that Taiwan has also started maneuvers to protect itself from Chinese attack. Taiwan’s Eighth Army Corps spokesman Lu Woi-jae confirmed that artillery and weapons exercises had begun in the southern county of Pingtung.

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