Weekly Tarot Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs from 24 Oct, to 30 Oct. 2022


Aries, this week you’ll have to see something from a different perspective. It’s great that this came in response to a suggestion someone made, one that helped you see things clearly.

This week, you will value those around you and you will also stand firm in your own opinions, as you have determined that, while a different perspective can be beneficial, your old vision is just as valid. Getting in touch with what you already believe in is a good idea this week.


As you begin this week, devotion and discipline are going to be a part of your lives, and even though that sounds unpleasant, you’ll recognize it when it happens.

There is a possibility that you will meet someone who could open the door to an opportunity for you; you may perceive them as intimidating or ‘scary,’ but you also know that the time has come; you need to take action now; and you know on some level that you manifested this ‘helper’. Taurus, you are in charge now. You need to let people help you.


You will certainly be getting rich and taking advantage of opportunities this week, judging by the tarot horoscope card.

Since you have improved your own life so much, why shouldn’t things be going well for you? It is time for you to take credit for the work you have done. And as you go to collect what is yours, you will do so. Hard work turns into hard play, and that means all is well in your world. Gemini, have a good week.


The overspending has put you in a bind, but it hasn’t stopped you from wanting what you can buy. You just love spending money, and this week you do have a hard time living. By window shopping and planning for expenditures that will happen later in the year, you will still be able to enjoy the fruits of the season if you can keep your spending down.

I am sure you will spend a lot of time dreaming this week. There are so many things you need to buy!

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The waiting game begins with you, Leo. You’ve played this before, so you know what to expect. Watching around does get a little boring, but it’s nothing new to you.

Leo, this waiting game happens because you’re waiting for a financial investment to mature. This is financial, but it’s also just about patience and biding your time well. Hang in there, and all will be well.


There’s nothing you dislike more than being patient, and this week will certainly test your patience. There’s something you’re waiting for, but the delivery date is open-ended, and just not knowing drives you crazy.

When you become angry, you will be unable to enjoy the goodness of the week because your mind will be clouded. It’s not just being patient that makes us the events of the week for you, but it’s a matter of if you are okay with not getting what you want when you want it.


There’s no need to make any changes in the schedule, but something is about to happen this week that may derail the whole job.

Your rate of success is as on point as ever, and you just need to work with an open mind and an attitude of “I will succeed, regardless.” This week’s innovative approach will determine how you arrive at your destiny. Success is your destiny; how you reach it is your destiny.


Scorpio, not everything will go your way this week, but don’t let that stop you from trying. The Wands represents rejection, and tarot horoscopes show this as a big thumbs-down.

Despite your best efforts, you won’t get the result you want. It’s all business, so it doesn’t affect your personal life. There have been far worse things, so what happens this week is nothing to worry about.


The reason for this is that you have started to see how your own naveté has made your life difficult and how you’ve been taken advantage of because of it. This is why you will be going after those who owe you money and getting them to pay up.

Despite your harsh approach at first, smartening up will benefit you. Even though your attitude is very brash, you are in the right, but you may come across as snarky or cold.


There will be a single-handed effort from you to save something from ruin this week, and it will not be an easy task. Even so, your ability to resolve something this difficult is a testament to the many things that make Capricorn a great zodiac sign. You will be presenting an idea in a totally roundabout manner this week. People will be shocked, thrilled, and surprised, and you have a good chance of succeeding.

There is no doubt about it: you are impressive.


It is divine to you to spend time alone. Although you are a social and accepting individual, you certainly don’t mind spending large amounts of time alone.

Getting to know yourself better this week is your best friend’s task. The prognosis? Excellent. Being alone is perfect for you and allows you to think clearly.

During this week, you also have the creative edge.


In just a few short weeks, you’re going to have a happy-go-lucky week with all of your prior work completed and you’ll be able to take a little stress vacation.

This week, Pisces, you may feel like you are just walking around, enjoying the Autumn air, thinking about very little. This week is favorable for you because there is nothing to worry about.

There will be nothing to do, no words to say, and you will be at peace in your own little world.

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