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Unmarried Couples Rights: Lovers Couples Must Know These Rules, Unmarried Couples Should Pay Attention

Unmarried Couples Rights: Sometimes unmarried couples have to face difficulties. But very few couples know that unmarried couples also have some rights in India. Anyone can become smart by knowing about these rules.

There are many such movies in Bollywood, in which couples are shown facing many difficulties. If we talk about Masaan movie, then you must have seen in it Deepak Chaudhary (Vicky Kaushal) and Devi Pathak (Richa Chadha) go to the hotel to meet each other. But there the police catches the hotel by raiding it. After this, the police harass Devi Pathak by telling various rules. Many times in real life too many unmarried couples go through this situation. To avoid such a situation, some rules should be known. By knowing these rules, you will not only become smart, but will also be able to live with your partner easily. So today we are telling you some such rules, which every unmarried couple should know.

Live-in Relationship Law

Living in couples without getting married means that the trend of live-in relationship has increased rapidly over time. In 2013, the Supreme Court had said with regard to live-in relationships, two adults (boy or girl), in which the girl is 18 years of age and the boy is 21 years or more, can live in a live-in relationship.

In a live-in relationship, both the partners have complete freedom to make physical relation at will. According to the BBC report, fifteen years ago i.e. in 2006, the Supreme Court, while giving a verdict in a case, said that after becoming an adult, a person is free to live with or marry someone. But just as the husband gives the wife expenses and allowances when the husband and wife are divorced, in the same way the court will take the final decision on the end of the live-in relationship and can also impose a fine.

Hotel Stay Rules

Many times you must have come across the news that unmarried adult couples are not allowed to stay in the hotel. But Indian law gives the right to adult couples that they can go anywhere and stay in any hotel. There is no law that prevents adult couples from staying in hotels together. But for this, both the partners will have to give their identity card and a copy of the necessary documents. Local ID is not accepted in many hotels, so please read the terms and conditions before staying in the hotel.

Rules for Sitting in a Public Place

Even if you are not married then you can sit in any public place. Under Section 294 of the IPC, if anyone commits obscene acts in public, he can be sentenced to 3 months imprisonment. But it has been seen many times that this section is misused. Always keep in mind that do not do any such act in a public place. If you are talking while sitting in a public place, then the police cannot arrest.

Rules for Profanity

If a couple is in such a relationship, in which abusive or abusive words are used. In such a situation, according to the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, girls can demand protection.

Rules on Physical Relation

The Constitution of India provides the right to privacy through Article 21. In simple words, couples can make physical relations with each other in a private place. The Supreme Court also reiterated its decision on 2 cases in 2017-2018.

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