Underwater City: City under the sea, accommodation of 5000 people, luxury facilities like hotel-mall… know where the preparations are going on

A person who has settled in every corner of the earth is now planning to build a city in the sea. Where there will be not only homes for people to live but also offices to work and hotels and malls to roam. Know where the preparations for setting up such an underwater city are going on. How will life be there? What would be different from Earth? This underwater city Ocean Spiral will be equal to the size of four football fields in width and will be located up to two miles below the surface of the ocean. Here the houses, business places, hotels, malls, markets, and means of transport for the people to live here will all be like the earth but even more luxurious than that.

Underwater City: City under the sea, accommodation of 5000 people, luxury facilities like hotel-mall… know where the preparations are going on

Imagine if the whole city is settled under water. It should have luxury flats for people to live in, malls for roaming and shopping, hotels, offices for doing business and all means of transport. There should be full sunlight, there is no shortage of oxygen and food rich in vitamins and minerals should be provided to everyone and that too without any help from the earth. But when you have to come to visit the earth, then after traveling for just a few minutes, you come as if you are coming from a nearby city, then how will life be? Similarly, the concept of Future Underwater City is surprising people. We will tell you where and how is the preparation going on to set up such a future city.

We may have seen glimpses of underwater cities only in movies and children’s cartoons, but soon it can take the form of reality. A Japanese multinational construction and architecture company has put forward a similar concept. Where the city, which is completely under water, will have houses for thousands of people, malls, hotels, markets and all facilities to roam.

What is this project Ocean Spiral?

71 percent of the Earth’s surface is made up of water. The ocean surrounds the solid surface. In between, continents are inhabited. Human beings have settled their residence in every corner of the earth. Countries, continents, continents, micronations, islands of Honolulu, even in the icy areas of Antarctica, humans are trying to live, but now humans are also working on a plan to settle in the deep part of the ocean.

How will life be in this underwater city?

This underwater city Ocean Spiral will be equal to the size of four football fields in width and will be located up to two miles below the surface of the ocean. The houses, business places, hotels, malls, markets, and means of transport for the people to live here will all be like the earth but even more luxurious. Its outer cover will be made strong and safe from every danger and people living or moving inside will be able to see the life inside the sea easily. The company has also released the blue print of this project and pictures of the plan. Seeing this, you can get an idea of ​​how the life of the people who live inside the water will be.


From where will the needs of this city be met?

The structure inside this underwater city will be made in three zones inside the sea. The most important Blue Garden will be built 200 meters below the sea level on the way of the Spiral Way, where facilities like human settlement, work and hotel-mall will be developed. It can be called the base zone of the entire city. In the Blue Garden built 200 meters below the sea level in Ocean Spiral Underwater City, all facilities, housing, hotels etc. will be made for commercial activities in 75 floors. For this pod, there will be a supply of desalinated water produced with hydraulic pressure. Under this, a spiral route of 15 km will be made, which will take it to the Earth Factory built in the surface of the sea below. Where the scientific lab will be built. Which will develop facilities for the production of energy and the production of essential things like food and drink from the natural resources present in the foothills of the sea.

What is the concept of this future city?

What will the people living here eat? Will the goods go from earth for them? The answer is no… There is a plan to make this project completely self-sufficient. Food, energy, water, oxygen and natural resources. The company that made the project says that this Underwater Sea City will solve the increasing congestion and increasing challenges of cities due to more population and urbanization like Japan. There is a plan to make this city completely eco-friendly. There will be all facilities for 5000 people to live here. To settle life here, all the energy needs will be collected from the bottom of the sea. Through the use of modern technology, this city will fulfill all the needs like food, water and oxygen from the foothills of the sea.

Where will happen inside this underwater city?

The Earth Planet that is being built under the structure of this Spiral City is actually the basis of technology. There will be everything from the scientific lab to the production center. Which will not only produce energy from the natural resources present at the bottom of the sea, but will also produce food and drink. A plan has been made to settle 5000 people in this city and fulfill all their needs.For those who want to settle somewhere apart from the earth, there is a plan to collect all the facilities here. How will all the resources be mobilized, so the team of Maritime Experts of Japan has made available its research report. Experts say that this is a great step not only to protect against hazards such as earthquakes and tsunamis, but also to give humans a new option to live and develop clean energy sources when cities are submerged by rising sea levels in the future.

Who is involved in this project?

The company says that this project is a real goal. Apart from the company’s planners, experts from the University of Tokyo, ministries of the Japanese government and energy companies are also involved in this project. The company has been working in the direction of acquiring the necessary technology for this project since the year 2014. The project is expected to cost 16 billion pounds.If you look at it in Indian currency, then this amount is about 1534 billion rupees. The outer globe cover of this entire underwater city will be of transparent fiberglass and will be made of strong arclic technology. Which will not only be strong but will also make it safe from any kind of danger along with natural calamities.

Why is the structure being made in the spiral shape?

The biggest reason behind making this underwater city project in a spiral shape is that it is being built keeping in mind the biggest problem of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, so that due to the encirclement, it can get a strong base. Thousands of earthquakes, tsunami waves occur every year in Japan, which is situated in the middle of the sea, and destroys the cities and towns and villages on the coast. The whole world saw the devastation of the 2011 tsunami. Now through this project of Japan, preparations are being made to establish such a city which is safe from the waves of earthquake and tsunami due to being settled in water.

What is going to happen in the lower parts of the human settlement?

This project has been named- OCEAN SPIRAL. This entire project will be in a spiral shape which will start from the upper surface of the ocean and will go up to 2.8 km deep in the foothills. In the middle of the spiral, there will be a globe with a diameter of 500 meters, which will be a sunlight zone inside the ocean. It will be within 200 meters of the sea level. This route of Spiral will go up to 2.8 km, which will be the lowest part of this city. Here the work of CO2 storage and reuse plant, production of necessary resources and the rest of the production will be done. This will be the lowest part of this spiral city which is to be named Earth Factory.

The part above this would have been made 2500 meters above the sea level. Deep sea submarine port will be built here. There will be plants for power supply, water, oxygen supply. Its upper floor will be situated within 2000 meters. Where the structure will be built by focusing on the balance of drifting and construction. Above this, the Lower Midnight Zone is to be constructed at the level of 1500 meters. The temperature here will be two to three degrees Celsius.

When will this project be completed?

Building and setting up a city under water, ensuring that its structure is safe and strong and providing 5000 people to live under water will not be an easy task. Therefore, high technical measures will be adopted in making this city. For this, apart from technical teams, work has to be done on the report of Maritime Experts. The target is to complete this underwater city project by the year 2035.

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