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To reduce acidity with the help of yoga, practice these 4 yoga asanas from today

Acidity has become a problem of almost every person nowadays because, people feel problems related to stomachs every day and due to problems like acidity and gas, people can face difficulties in doing even small tasks in everyday life. The biggest reason for acidity is eating habits. People now give more importance to packaged and instant foods instead of eating home-cooked and fresh food.

People troubled by these problems can get relief with the help of yoga. Certain special yoga poses can provide relief from digestive related problems like acidity.

Yogasanas to relieve acidity problem


This yoga asana is also called as Diamond Pose. The practice of Vajrasana stimulates the digestive system and reduces acidity. (yogasana that helps prevent acidity)


This yoga asana is very beneficial for increasing digestion power. Along with this, the practice of Paschimottanasana also helps the kidneys to function.


The practice of this yoga asana massages the intestines and has an effect on other abdominal organs as well. As a result, stomach problems are reduced. (Health benefits of Pawanmuktasana or Wind relieving pose)


Ustrasana or Camel pose should be practiced to reduce the problem of acid formation in the stomach or acidity. The practice of this asana not only reduces acidity and can increase digestion power.

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