Tired of Spam Messages? Turn on this easy setting, it will be blocked automatically

How to Block Spam Messages:

The message box of people is filled with repeated spam messages. These messages not only fill up your inbox, but they also have a security thread. In such a situation, what if you stop receiving such messages. By the way, you cannot stop their arrival, but you can definitely block them automatically. That is, Spam Messages will be blocked automatically in the phone. Let’s know the easy way to block these messages

Almost everyone is troubled by spam calls and messages. Whether it is about Android users or iPhone users. Everyone is troubled by Spam Calls and Spam Messages. No matter how expensive and best you buy the phone, but you will not get rid of spam calls and messages. However, spam messages are not as annoying as frequent calls. But because of them, the message box of the users is filled. There is also a security thread as well. Most of these spam messages contain suspicious links. The best option is to delete them.

If you also want to avoid deleting them again and again, then a small change will have to be made in the phone settings. After this change, spam messages will be automatically blocked and filtered. Let us know how these features work.

How to Block Spam Messages in Android?

It is a bit difficult to set this setting in Android phone compared to iPhone. The reason for this is many Android smartphone brands and their own skin or OS. However, there is an easier way too. For this, you first get this app pre-installed in the phones of Pixel and some other brands. If you do not have this app in your phone then you have to download it from Google Play Store. In the Google Messages app, you get the spam protection feature, which works well.

Should this be set up?

After installing the latest version of the Google Messages app, you have to open the app. Now you have to click on Account button. Here you have to go to Messages Settings.

Users will have to find the Spam Protection option. As soon as you get this option, you have to turn on Enable spam protection. After turning on this option, most of the spam messages on your phone will be automatically blocked. This feature works in most cases, but sometimes some messages get evaded by spam filters. You can easily catch this message. If you want, you can also report spam to that number, so that it will not escape from spam filters in the future.

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