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These Vegetables Can Be Easily Grown In Your Garden Year Round, Know How.

The following tips will help you grow these vegetables in your home garden

There are a wide variety of vegetables on the market today, but sometimes they are not fresh or they don’t taste as good as they should. In such a case, planting vegetables in your own garden may prove to be a good choice. Some vegetables are seasonal, but others you can plant year round in your garden. So let’s look at them today and learn which ones you should plant.


We recommend brinjals to you, especially green brinjals and black brinjals since they are such a versatile vegetable that they can be grown throughout the year. For planting brinjal, a pot with a diameter of 12 inches or more is required. We also need brinjal seeds for planting brinjal. To prepare plants from seeds, you have to prepare them.


Tomatoes can also be grown all year round. What is special is that they can be grown in the home or on the balcony. They can be planted in any pot 12 by 12 inches or larger. You have to note that tomatoes don’t like too much heat when you plant them in a home garden.

French beans

French beans are also easy to grow in your home garden. French beans are grown from seeds. To plant them, you need a growback of size 15 by 15 inches or larger. In this growback, you can plant three to four seeds. French beans can take up to 50 days to grow. French beans are very healthy.


It is very easy to plant chillies. We eat chillies a lot. Chillies are used to make many different kinds of foods. Thus, if you want to plant chillies in your garden or balcony of your home, you can do so easily. Chilli plants are grown in small pots. The seeds are used to grow chilli plants.


The seeds of coriander can be planted in the balcony or garden in no time. We can grow coriander for a year in a home garden. Always use good quality seeds when planting coriander. The seeds need to be scattered over the soil and covered with a light layer. After sowing, the seeds take about 7 to 10 days to grow. 

Use these simple tips to grow vegetables year-round in your home garden if you also want to grow them.

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