The Video Shows The Missing Cat Activating The Homeowner’s Doorbell Camera In A Surprise Return

Two weeks after moving to Long Island, the cat went missing.

After a long absence, a cat returned home in New York to prove that she wasn’t really missing.

Long Island woman Stefanie Whitley said her 8-year-old cat Lily went missing roughly two weeks after moving to Mastic Beach.

Whitley was concerned that Lily would react differently to her new home because she enjoys being outdoors and exploring.

While Lily’s suspicions were on the nose, she later proved to her family she wouldn’t leave them in their new home, despite being gone for four days.

One night, Whitley and her family were “startled” when their Ring doorbell rang.

Lily had returned to their doorstep, according to a Ring doorbell notification displayed on their television.

In the video below, you can watch Lily paw at the doorbell and wait for her door to open.

She explained to People that Lily appeared to be imitating her children and meowing “mom” to the camera upon her return.

As her owner told the news site, the cat has continued to use the method to signal her return home since then.

According to Whitley, she does not know how Lily found the family’s home, but she believes she understands how Ring works.

Whitley said she looks at the door whenever the notification goes off. “She knows what she’s doing,” he added.

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