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Studies Show Dogs Get Teary-Eyed When They See Their Owners Again

According to a study, dogs shed tears after being reunited with their owners after five to seven hours. Currently, researchers are investigating whether dogs shed tears when reunited with other canine friends.

Dog owners can vouch for their pets’ excitement when reunited with them. In a new study, it has been shown that dogs may shed tears when reunited with their owners.

On Monday, Current Biology published the Schirmer Test, a specialized strip placed under the eyelids, to measure tears in dogs’ eyes. In order to determine the baseline tears in the dog’s eyes, researchers measured how many tears they shed during normal interactions with their owners. Five to seven hours later, the amount of tears in their eyes was compared.

In the first five minutes following their reunification with their owners, tears were “significantly” increased.

“We had never heard of the discovery that animals shed tears in joyful situations, such as reuniting with their owners,” said Takefumi Kikusui, one of authors of the study from the Azabu University in Japan.

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Love Hormones Are Responsible For Reactions

This reaction is caused by oxytocin, the “love hormone.” Oxytocin is a key component of any bond between a mother and child, a couple, or any human being.

After observing one of his poodles with her puppies, Kikusui and his colleagues came up with the idea for the study. When he nursed them, he noticed that she was crying. This led Kikusui to believe that oxytocin could increase tears.

Compared with other familiar people the dog was reunited with, the volume of tears was greater when reunited with its owner.

Next, scientists investigated whether the tears affected the owners’ emotions. The owners were asked to judge how much care they would give their dogs in various photos that showed them with and without artificial tears.

Photos of Dogs With Artificial Tears Ranked Significantly Higher Than Photos Of Dogs Without Tears.

Kikusui hypothesized that when dogs show teary eyes during interactions with their owners, they will be cared for more. Parents are more likely to offer care to infants who cry, because infants express their negative feelings through crying. Dogs have also developed specific communication skills with humans over time, making them one of the most domesticated animals. The relationship between a dog and its owner is largely determined by eye contact.

It would be interesting to see if dogs produce tears when meeting other canine friends in the future.

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