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Some Vastu Tips Related to Broom – On which day is it auspicious to bring a new broom?

The broom kept in the house is considered a symbol of Lakshmi. The broom cleans the house and makes it clean and pure. It brings wealth and happiness and peace in our house. According to astrology, Vastu and old beliefs, happiness and peace in our house also increase or decrease due to the broom. Many types of negative energies are present in the household waste which affects the house. With the help of a broom, we drive out all the evil forces.

It is believed that broom brings happiness and prosperity in the house by cleaning the waste of poverty from the house. If you keep a broom in your house properly, buy it and bring it home on an auspicious day, then the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi will always be with you and your house will always be full of food grains. Some Vastu rules have been made to buy a broom, keep it in the house, have a fixed time for its use and throw the broom out of the house. Let’s learn about the rules of broom.

What to do with the old broom?

According to Vastu, if the broom is broken or becomes old then it should be removed from the house as a broken old broom brings negative energy to the house. Never use a broken broom in the house. This adds to the problems in the house.

On which day and where to throw the old broom?

In Vastu and Astrology, it is believed that you should remove the old broom from your house on Saturday, Amavasya, after Holika Dahan, or after an eclipse. In Vastu, Saturday or Amavasya day is considered most suitable for throwing broom. If you take out the old or broken broom from the house on any of these days, then the negative forces of the house also come out of the house along with the broom and positivity resides in the house.

Where to throw the broom?

The broom should always be thrown in such a place where no other person can set foot on it. Actually the broom is worshiped in the same way as Mother Lakshmi, so don’t forget to throw the old broom in the drain or near any tree. The broom should never be burnt and should not be thrown here and there.

On which day do not throw a broom?

Never throw old brooms out of the house on Ekadashi, Thursday or Friday. It is believed that Thursday and Friday are the days of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, throwing a broom on this day is like offending Lakshmi ji. By doing this, Goddess Lakshmi also goes out of the house.

Broom remedies for prosperity at home

When it comes to buying a new broom in the house, you should always buy it in Krishna Paksha. Broom purchased in Shukla Paksha is an indicator of bad luck.

According to the scriptures, it is auspicious to buy a new broom on Tuesday, Saturday and Amavasya. If you bring a new broom in the house on Saturday or Amavasya, then the house becomes free from defects. This brings happiness and wealth in the house.

It is believed that those who are suffering from Shani Sade Sati or have Shani’s fault, they should not bring a broom to the house on Saturday. You can buy a new broom on Tuesday or Sunday and then start sweeping from Saturday.

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