Some Bad Habits of Indian Parents, Due to Which the Future of Children Can be Spoiled

The first school of any child is his home and the first teacher is the parents. The way the parents behave with or in front of the child at home has the same effect on the child’s mind. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some such habits of parents, which can ruin the life of children.

It is very difficult to raise children with the right upbringing. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to decide which things are right for the child and which are not. Often parents make such mistakes that cause children to deteriorate. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some such habits of Indian parents, which can destroy the lives of children. Let’s know about these habits of parents-

Allowing screens to be used instead of playing outside

Many children nowadays prefer to play games on smartphones, tablets or laptops instead of playing outside in the ground. By doing this, your child becomes technically smart but it has a very bad effect on his overall growth. Sitting in front of the screen for several hours continuously has a bad effect on the eyes of children. Along with this, it also has a bad effect on the physical and mental health of the children.

Treating tantrums as love-

Many parents consider every insistence of their children as love and fulfill it without saying anything in order to save their energy and time. In such a situation, children do not learn how to control their emotions. Due to the fulfillment of every insistence of the children, they do not learn to differentiate between right and wrong.

Don’t give up, always win

In today’s time, the competition among children has increased a lot. In such a situation, every parent encourages the children to win. But in all this, parents do not teach their children to deal with failure. Although no parent wants their child to lose or fail, it is very important that you teach the child to deal with this situation. It is very important for its growth and development.

Compared with other kids-

Not all children are the same, even between two siblings there is a lot of difference. There is both good and bad in everyone. Your child may not be better than others in one thing, but there will be some things in which he will be the best. So in this situation do not compare your child with anyone else.

Scold instead of teaching

Many times parents start scolding their children for not understanding something. Due to this the child becomes very scared to ask anything further. Children can also become very angry in the future due to the shouting and anger of the parents.

To fulfill a wish before asking

Many times parents bring things to the children before asking them and give them. This makes the child feel that he does not need to speak for anything because you fulfill his needs and desires without speaking. Doing so can have a very bad effect on your child. In such a situation, it is necessary that unless the child mentions something to himself, do not give him that thing.Also, keep in mind that you fulfill only the needs of your child which are right and the things that he really needs.

Lying in front of children

It is important for the parents not to lie in front of the child even after forgetting. Due to this, the child gets wrong signals and they can cause a lot of trouble in the future. When you lie in front of the child to avoid a situation, then your child can also use this trick to save himself in future. Tell the child about the ill-effects of lying to him.

Blaming the child for the failures

The decision to give birth to a child is the parent’s own. So if you find the child or his behavior bad, then do not speak ill of him because it was your own decision. No matter how angry you are, but do not take out anger on the children.

To spend extravagantly-

The habit of extravagance comes in children from their parents. To save children from this bad habit, do not spend yourself in a wrong way and do not fulfill every insistence of the child as well as explain to them the importance of money from time to time.

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