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Side Effects of Steroid : Excessive Use of Steroids Causes Maximum Damage to These 6 Organs of the Body

Steroids are used with the advice of doctors in diseases like asthma, autoimmune diseases, cancer. But before using it, also know some side effects of steroid consumption because they directly affect some parts of your body.

Side Effects of Steroid: In the second wave of corona, steroid drugs were used excessively in the treatment of all the people who were seriously infected with this dangerous virus. After excessive consumption of this medicine, cases like black fungus started increasing in the country. Experts said that black fungus is also caused by excessive consumption of steroids. Often experts say that the consumption of too much steroid is harmful to health (Side Effects of Steroid in Hindi). You cannot and should never consume it by yourself.

It is given to patients in special types of physical problems, diseases. It is a life saving medicine. Steroid doctors prescribe to people suffering from serious diseases like asthma, autoimmune diseases, cancer etc. It has its benefits, it also cures the disease quickly, but there are some side effects of steroid consumption.

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Steroid abuse is most common among professional athletes and bodybuilders all over the world. Teenagers and adults who feel they need to build muscle to feel good about themselves may also abuse steroids. These use anabolic steroids that are different from the steroids that are used to treat disease. The effects of anabolic steroids are very different from those of corticosteroids.

Know, what are the side effects can be caused by taking steroids for a long time …

Side Effects of Steroids

1-Immune response is poor

Serious patients infected with corona, who get themselves treated in ICU, ventilator, are being cured by giving them steroids. However, there are some people who start taking this medicine without consulting a doctor. Consumption of steroids helps in quick recovery after being infected with corona, but steroid is such a drug, whose excessive consumption reduces your immune response. This condition can be fatal for the body.

2-Increases risk of infection

Continuous use of steroids also has a negative effect on the body parts. The chances of getting other types of infection in the body increases.

3-Muscles are weak

The muscles of the body start weakening due to excessive use of steroids. Small hairs or hairs appear on the body, face. The sugar level in the body starts increasing, so diabetic patients are forbidden to rely more on steroids.

4- Increases sugar level

The main function of steroid medicine is to reduce the inflammation in the body. In diabetic sufferers, the sugar level increases significantly due to its consumption. Its excessive consumption also affects the immune system. In such a situation, the risk of getting black fungus can also increase to a great extent.

5-The danger of black fungus

Then in the second wave of corona, cases of black fungus were also seen in diabetic patients infected with corona. People who are given high doses of steroids to recover from corona are at risk of getting black fungus.

6-Blood pressure is high

Continuous use of steroids can lead to high blood pressure. Insomnia can be a problem. Weight gain, loss of appetite, mental problems, eye problems like glaucoma, cataracts, bone problems like osteoporosis etc.

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