Nuclear Weapons: Joe Biden’s talks proposal to limit nuclear weapons numbers, Russia expressed surprise at the initiative taken in the midst of Ukraine war

Moscow, Agency. In the midst of the Ukraine war, US President Joe Biden’s offer of talks with Russia to control the number of nuclear weapons has surprised Moscow. According to the news agency Reuters, Russia said that if the White House website has not been hacked, then Biden should repeat his point through diplomatic means so that it can be considered.


Treaty About To Expire

The New Start Treaty was signed in 2011 between Russia and the US to limit the number of nuclear weapons. This agreement expires in 2026. After this, both superpowers will be free to increase the number of nuclear weapons. Russia currently has more than 6,000 nuclear weapons, while the US has about 5,500 nuclear weapons. China is rapidly increasing its nuclear weapons stockpile, but it currently has less than 500 nuclear warheads. But Biden has also requested China to join the talks.

But China has denied such requests in the past. says that it does not have enough nuclear weapons for which the world needs to worry. Therefore, it is meaningless to join an agreement to limit the number of nuclear weapons.

Time To Protect The World

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that if a nuclear war breaks out, no one will win, according to the news agency Reuters. That’s why it should never start. Putin’s reaction is considered important after US President Joe Biden’s statement to increase the deal to control the number of nuclear weapons. Putin said we need to stand together to protect the world so that it can exist. The dangers of confrontation have to be avoided.

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