Navratri 2022: Know What To Do And What Not To Do During These Auspicious Days With Our Guide To Navratri 2022

Festival of Navratri that begins on 26 September. During this festival of Navratri, people are making every effort to please the mother in their own way. It is very important to follow certain rules during this festival of Navratri.

It is believed that the nine days of Navratri, when Matarani is worshipped  with devotion, make her very happy and fulfills the wishes of the devotees. The festival of Navratri is beginning on 26 September. The devotees make every effort to please her during this time of year. Ghatasthapanas and Akhand Jyotis are lit in houses, and there are also special rituals. The temples are packed with devotees. 

During Navratri, any auspicious work can be done without thinking, but following certain rules is very important during these auspicious days. Find out which works to do and which you should not perform in these nine days.

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What should You Do?

  • Follow the rules regularly if you are establishing a Ghat at home. Worship the Kalash when you are worshiping the mother for nine days. Start regular devotions only after you have worshipped the Kalash daily.
  • If you are offering red flowers to the Mata Rani, she will be very happy. Married women should wear red colored lehenga, chunari, or sari items during Navratri, so that they can have a happy marital life.
  • Keep a fast for nine days if you are able to, otherwise, you can fast for the start and end of the festival. If this is not possible, at least perform special worship by chanting Durga Saptashati, Chalisa, and mantras during these nine days.

Avoid Doing This At All Costs

  • Do not leave the house alone if there are Ghat establishments in the house and a monolithic lamp is lit. It is not considered auspicious to leave the house alone.
  • Even if you do not fast, do not use onion, garlic or meat in the house during these nine days, and abstain from alcohol and meat entirely. Living a sattvik life during these nine days is a sadhana in itself.
  • The nine days should be filled with celibacy. Do not sleep during these nine days, especially during the day. You can take a nap for a short period of time, but do not sleep for hours.
  • Be careful what you say. Avoid slandering others. Don’t cause hurt to their feelings even if it’s accidental. Apologize if you made a mistake unintentionally.

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