Modern ‘Patal Lok’ of the earth! Why are houses, pubs, hotels, churches all underground in this South Australia??


You see high-rise buildings, multi-story, even skyscrapers in cities every day, but do you know any city where people prefer to live underground? Yes, there is such a city in the world where houses are built under the ground everywhere and people like to live inside the ground. This city, famous for the prized Opal Gemstone, is situated in the middle of the desert and the climate conditions here are such that people prefer to live underground.

Cobber pedy

Known as the world’s unique underground city, the name of this city is Coober Pedy. It is situated in the desert area of South Australia. It can also be called the modern ‘Patal Lok’ of the earth. For decades, mines have been excavated here for the precious gemstone Opal gemstones and in this way large mines have been formed inside the earth.

Troubled by the scorching heat, the people here have settled their homes in these mines. There are 1500 such mines in this city in which people have made houses. These houses built under the ground have all the facilities and are also designed according to the convenience of living.

Cobber pedy

This small city is the Opal Capital of the world

The population of this city is about 3500 people. Out of which more than half of the people live in underground houses. The story of the settlement of this city is also no less interesting. The city was established over 100 years ago when an enthusiastic young man discovered Opal Gemstones here. Then people started coming here and mining of opal gemstones started. 70 percent of the total production of opal gemstones in the world comes from here, hence it is also called the Opal Capital of the world.

What’s special about the opal here?

There are more than 70 opal mine fields here. Recently an Opalise Pearl has been discovered here, whose history is thousands of years old. Opal is a milky colored precious stone. Opal or opal is a precious stone used in the manufacture of modern jewelery and astrological jewellery. Astrologers advise people to wear opal for the cut of many planets. Opel is in demand all over the world. Therefore its price is very high.

Cobber pedy

Why do people prefer to live underground?

The temperature in the city of Coober Pedi varies very rapidly. The rough stones made of sand are in abundance here, so the heat rises very fast here. During the summer, the temperature here goes below 100 Fahrenheit. It is considered very hot according to the temperature of Australia and due to the desert and rocky terrain, it becomes very difficult for people to live above the ground in the city of Coober Pedy. That is why people prefer to live in underground houses. The temperature in these houses built in the areas dug for the mines below the ground is amazing.

There is a whole world behind Cave Walls here.

Due to the cave walls, the effect of outdoor weather is rarely seen here. The people living in these underground houses neither need heater in winter nor AC in summer. People have prepared big flats underground. The weather of Coober Pedi is such that even in the crevices of the stone, Opal Gemstone is prepared automatically and its mining is also very easy. Another special thing is that not only the houses here are underground but there are also underground hotels, churches, restaurants and bars which attract the tourists coming from outside and the atmosphere of tourist place is always maintained here.

Cobber pedy

There was once a flood in this desert

The city of Coober Pedy in South Australia is located between Adelaide and Alice Springs. There is little rain here, so the height of the plants is very less. Due to being a desert area, the people here are able to collect water with great difficulty. Now the local administration has made arrangements for supply in many areas. But 8 years ago due to heavy rains there was also a flood here. Due to being settled on the Stuart Highway, there is a lot of tourists coming and going here.

Built in underground mines, the museum here is very popular and is a great attraction for those who come to see the lifestyle of this unique area, as well as it holds great importance for people interested in Opal Gemstone.

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