Michael Jackson Fans Are Impressed By A Man’s Upside-Down Version Of The Moonwalk

In the 1980s, the classic moonwalk step was a rage thanks to legendary singer and dancer Michael Jackson, who was hailed as the father of it. In the years since then, many Michael Jackson fans have attempted to master the dance step of gliding backward with their feet. Over the years, many have succeeded.

It is amazing how difficult it is to do a moonwalk, but one man has nailed the step underwater, making it even more challenging. After watching his stunning performance, you will have to shake your head in disbelief. In his caption, Jaideep Ghoshal said, “For those who wanted to see my version of the moonwalk,” claiming to be India’s first underwater dancer.

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Currently, the video has amassed over 10 million views, showing him performing the famous moonwalk underwater on a billiard table. In the video, he is seen wading in the water tank and gliding backwards with measured steps, leaving netizens in awe.


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In a swift move, Jaideep flips and performs Michael Jackson’s iconic moonwalk upside down, adding an added touch to his performance. In a meticulously topsy-turvy position, his feet were almost touching the surface of the water while his head was below.

Many MJ fans have expressed their admiration for Jaideep’s dexterous moonwalk dance. “The deadliest moonwalk I have ever seen… just blown my mind,” wrote one user. Michael Jackson would be very happy after watching this, another said..

His Instagram feed will give you a glimpse of his amazing dancing skills, all of which he performs while underwater. The jaw-dropping videos he posts on Instagram often earn him applause from netizens across the country. Jaideep has over 765k followers at the moment.

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