List of 10 Movies From The 2010s That Have Aged Badly Since They Were Released

These 2010s films prove that a movie does not need to be particularly old to feel like it has aged poorly.

 From Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland adaptation to Frozen, many movies released in the 2010s were huge hits with audiences and are now regarded as potential classics. Audiences were impressed with the films, writing, innovative concepts, and cutting-edge special effects.

The audience’s expectations from the 2010s, however, were not met by some movies. The movies in question, from Avatar: The Last Airbender to Tomorrowland, all fell short because of bad storytelling, whitewashing, terrible CGI effects, and being unfaithful to the source material. Although all of these movies aren’t more than 10 years old, they already seem to have aged poorly.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Failed Completely (2016)

Despite its convoluted plot and character development, Alice Through The Looking Glass, the sequel to Disney’s live-action Alice In Wonderland, was heavily panned by critics and audiences. Additionally, the movie underdelivered on its promise of exploring the tumultuous history between the White Queen and the Red Queen.

In fact, most critics agree that Through The Looking Glass was a better movie than the follow-up. One of the reasons why there haven’t been sequels to other live-action Disney adaptations is that they claim that the events never occurred in the first film.

Battleship Failed To Impress Audiences (2012)

In 2012, Battleship became a movie based on the board game of the same name, in which a group of small warships fought against extraterrestrial fleets to stop them from becoming a threat.

A formulaic plot, poor writing, and a lack of character development were criticised for the film, despite featuring real-life missile destroyers and consulting the Science & Entertainment Exchange on science-related matters. In addition to losing $150 million at the box office, Universal Pictures also suffered a box office bomb with the film.

The Last Airbender Has Been Heavily Criticized For Whitewashing (2010)

Audiences were shocked when The Last Airbender was released for the first time. Though it executed some elements well, it has been criticized for its whitewashing, plot holes, unfaithfulness to its source material, visual effects, characters, and poor 3D conversion by fans and critics alike.

Despite its universal backlash and low profits, further sequels of the film have been cancelled. Hopefully, the upcoming Netflix series will do better than this movie.

The Goldfinch Was Not Well Received By Audiences (2019)

While Donna Tartt’s book The Goldfinch was so popular, the movie adaptation lost an estimated $50 million at the box office. While the movie received praise for its cinematography and performances, especially the lead role played by Ansel Elgort, it was criticized for its plot and overall narrative pace.

The movie also altered key aspects of Boris’ character and changed the ending of the book from the book, which disappointed fans.

Green Lantern Had Terrible Cgi Even By The Standards Of The Time (2011)

In addition to receiving poor reviews and failing at the box office, Green Lantern was a modern superhero movie that failed to impress its audience.

However, the film suffered from poor CGI effects, poor writing, and stalled development time as well as the change of directors behind the scenes, despite good performances from Ryan Reynolds and other actors. A number of the actors, including Reynolds, suffered injuries during filming, which did not help either.

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Collateral Beauty Received Criticism For Its Writing (2016)

Despite doing well at the box office, Collateral Beauty received harsh reviews because of its poor dialogue and poor writing. Even though this film had star power in the form of Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, and many others, their acting alone did not save it.

However, many critics and viewers felt the story was underdeveloped and lacked good pacing to make a proper impact, despite being well-meaning in concept and setting out to tell the story of a man grieving for his daughter who has passed away. It was especially criticized for its overly melodramatic dialogue.

Tomorrowland Failed To Leave A Lasting Impression (2015)

Critics enjoyed the original premise, the performances of the actors, and the visual and action effects of Tomorrowland, despite Disney heavily advertising it prior to its release in 2015.

The screenplay, however, had uneven writing and storytelling, and the special effects got in the way of telling a compelling story, and it was criticized for its lack of focus on the titular park. Even though the movie performed poorly at the box office, it is one of the most enjoyable films based on Disney theme parks.

The Adaptation Of The Dark Tower Was A Misfire (2017)

It was a highly anticipated science/fantasy film adaptation of Stephen King’s book series with the same title, but neither the audience nor critics were impressed with it. In addition to compressing the multi-novel source material into a single story, this movie was criticized for being unfaithful to the books, and it was also described as boring.

Even though the writing was poor and the source material was compressed, Idris Elba and his performance were praised. According to Stephen King himself, the film’s commercial and critical failure was the result of compressing the source material, reducing the violence, and switching the protagonist from Roland to Jake.

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Franchise Never Happened (2013)

Based on the book series by Cassandra Clare, Mortal Instruments is a film adaptation. Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie 3.93 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes and criticised it for its cheesy romance, complicated plotlines, and nonsensical worldbuilding. Unfortunately, the film did poorly in theatres.

A sequel was planned for Mortal Instruments, but it was dropped in favor of a television series called Shadowhunters. The film was critically acclaimed, but many critics considered it a knock-off of Twilight.

Cats Was The Kind Of Train Wreck Nobody Wanted To See (2019)

In addition to the creepy feline CGI look of the characters, the film adaptation of Cats received strong criticism for its visual effects. There were also negative reviews of the film’s editing, performances, plot, and overall screenplay. Universal Pictures lost an estimated $114 million on the film, which was a box-office bomb.

The film subsequently won six Razzie awards, including one for Worst Screenplay and another for Worst Director, but it contained a number of CGI-related errors.

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