Liquor Price in Delhi: Delhi’s old liquor policy has been implemented, allowing you to get more discounts on liquor.

Delhi’s old liquor policy is now in effect. The government plans to open 300 shops on the first day. Additionally, all other liquor shops will open as per the old policy soon, but will there be an end to the ruckus over alcohol now? Does liquor still come with huge discounts?

On Wednesday, Delhi liquor shops were packed with amateurs. It was a mad rush to buy liquor, and there was intense competition among people to buy it. Since September 1, Delhi has been operating under the old liquor policy. To take advantage of the Kejriwal government’s offer, people bought a lot of liquor.

The Reason Why A Crowd Gathered In Delhi To Buy Liquor

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A jam-like situation developed in many places due to the matter of alcohol. A large number of people came from different parts of the city, including Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram, Sonipat and Faridabad, to buy liquor.

Why did the crowd of liquor lovers gather at the shops? Delhi is actually reintroducing the old liquor policy from September 1. Because of this, about 300 private liquor shops closed their doors on Wednesday. Due to this, the shop operators held a sale.

Are Government Contract Days Back In Delhi?

New liquor policies have been implemented in Delhi since September 1. The government will reopen liquor shops for sale. Over 300 liquor stores have also been licensed. By December, 700 shops are expected to open.

Wine lovers are more concerned about where new liquor contracts will be opened now that the old system has been restored. It has also been solved by the Delhi government through its e-excise app.

50 Lakh Boxes Of Liquor Have Already Been Delivered

The Excise Department officials are busy preparing for the opening of liquor contracts. A total of 50 lakh boxes of liquor have been delivered to government godowns so far. Within two days, more wine will arrive.

It is to be seen that there is a ruckus between AAP and BJP regarding the new policy of liquor. It ends or intensifies after the return of the old policy. There is also concern among people whether now again an offer like 1 on 1 free will be available or not. Perhaps the answer to this can be given only from the Delhi government.

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