In 17 Seconds, You Can Manifest Anything You Want

Since everything that exists has a vibration, the Law of Attraction can be applied once the thought is created and its vibration is activated by focusing on it for 17 seconds.

It takes 68 seconds for a thought to gain enough momentum to manifest into reality.

Abraham Hicks separates 68 seconds into 17-second intervals that induce the activation of a single thought, since 68 seconds is a surprising amount of time to hold one single thought.

The 17 Second Manifestation Technique: How to Use It

The First Step Is To Choose What You Want To Manifest

If you’re going to manifest something, be specific as possible. Instead of coming up with an objective that’s difficult to visualize, such as “I want to be happy,” think of the exact thing that would bring you happiness.

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The Second Step Is To Choose A Positive Thought That Will Make You Feel Good

Manifestation is about using positive affirmations in the present tense. For example, if you are manifesting love, you might say: “I deserve love. I’m open to love. And the partner I’m looking for is also looking for me.”.

Sit with the feeling you would experience if your manifestation came true, and visualize how it would make you feel.

You must realize that how you think creates your reality, so always focus on what you want, and don’t think about anything negative.

Take 17 Seconds To Concentrate On Your Thought

Visualize your manifestation and the way it makes you feel as you repeat your affirmation for 17 seconds.

You can avoid focusing on negative thoughts by returning to your manifestation if your mind wanders or another thought takes hold.

You Should Repeat Your 17-Second Manifestation Three Times In A Row

Your manifestation will reach its full potential if you set a 51-second manifestation timer or a 68-second manifestation timer.

Manifesting for the full 68 seconds puts your thought in vibrational alignment with the truth, giving it the momentum to manifest.

Take A Deep Breath And Let The Thought Go

After you have aligned your thought with your vibration, you can let go of it for the day.

Regardless of whether you choose to live in alignment with that thought or not, this thought should not be your only focus at all times since this opens the door to negative thoughts.

If your manifestation does not come true, you can repeat the thought and this manifestation technique every day until it does.

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