Husband Beaten With Slippers After Her Wife Saw Him With Another Woman

There are numerous types of videos that go viral on social media every day, but today we are going to share one of the most memorable ones. In this viral video, people are surprised to see what is going on between husband and wife.

The viral video shows a woman beating her husband while the woman is standing next to him with slippers, a common sight in every house. However, the video shows a very different view. 

There is a video of a woman beating her husband in a hotel in Agra(India) that has been shared by ANI news agency. This video is from the hotel where the woman found her husband with another woman. She was so upset that she started hitting her husband with slippers when she saw him with someone else. 

In the video, the man apologizes, but the woman clearly says that there is no apology. She is joined by her father’s daughter, who she asks about the father’s fatherhood. 

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The Reason For Illicit Relationships

A woman’s reaction to her husband’s illicit relationship was to rush to the spot as soon as she heard that he was having a relationship with someone else, because it is very difficult for anyone to digest it. A 16-year-old girl present on the scene, whose father is very angry with her, is also present, according to the reports.  

The Drama Continues For Hours 

While this fight goes on for hours, the video appears to have only been recorded for a minute. However, it is being reported that the person seen in the video works in a nursing home where the fight was taking place. 

This Is How Users Reacted

It is becoming viral on social media like wildfire. People are giving their reactions by writing Ghor Kali Yuga when they want to know who a person is. In the comment section, one user wrote, “Beating with a broom slipper, what an amazing sight!” Some people have warned not to share this video.

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