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Have You Ever Heard The Phrase ‘Bhaad Me Jao’ and What The Word Means?

The phrase ‘Bhaad Me Jao’ is very easy to say, and most people assume it means Go To Hell, but that’s not the real meaning. 

The way we talk in our country is often characterized by anecdotes, stories and idioms. Often we use words that we don’t even know about, yet we still do, because we have been hearing them since childhood. Many such words will surely be familiar to you, but you may not even have noticed their meaning. 

In our discussion of such a sentence, most people use the phrase ‘Bhaad Me Jao’, but many of us do not know what it means. Do you know where the word hell comes from?

This word has been around since childhood, and we have probably used it ourselves many times. If you’re reading this, then you’re also curious, so let’s find out what its meaning is. 

How Do You Define The Word “Bhaad”?

The word ‘bad’ is taken from the word ‘bhadbhuja’ in this sentence, ‘The gram alone cannot break’. The term Bhadbhuja is used in many regional languages to refer to the process of roasting lentils, groundnuts, puffed rice, and gram. On the sand, gram, groundnut, lye (puffed rice), dry lentils, etc., are roasted. 

Basically, the word Bhad means furnace, which is something that is made by mixing clay and bricks together. 

There are many small furnaces used for roasting grains and sometimes paddy is also roasted to remove moisture from wet grains. This type of furnace can be found in many areas, including UP, Bihar and Purvanchal. 

In this type of furnace, the fire is burned from one side and fuel is made from the other, creating a hole that is mostly made from two sides. In such a situation, where the fire is to be kept burning continuously, it is necessary to have a place to store fuel.  

Why Is It Called ‘Bhaad Me Jao’? 

Even though you may have understood hell very well, the phrase ‘Bhaad Me Jao’ still persists, doesn’t it? Having discovered that the flames keep burning in hell, it implies that the furnace is so huge that a person can be absorbed into it and become ashes. Therefore, it means to die by burning. Yes, that’s what it means. It’s similar to how we say it in English, “Bhaad Me Jao”, but it means to die in fire, not in hell.

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