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Do You Know Why It Is Important To Soak Pulses Before You Cook Them?

Despite the fact that most people wash lentils before cooking them, they rarely soak them. In order to cook pulses like rajma and chole quickly, they need to be soaked overnight. In most cases, people don’t soak other dals because they are prepared quickly. But did you know that soaking has numerous benefits and is a necessity before cooking?

A few pulses, such as lentils, can cause bloating and gas in the body due to their higher content of phytates and lectins. These substances can be beneficial because they may lower cholesterol levels and eliminate the gas-producing elements in the body.

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It is proven that soaking lentils for a short period of time increases the absorption of minerals into the body. A hormone called phytase is activated when the lentils are soaked for a short period of time. Phytase contributes to breaking down phytic acid and binding calcium, iron, and zinc in the body, making it easier for them to be absorbed.

Lentils are easier to digest after soaking because they are activated by a compound called amylase that breaks down complex starch.

Wash the dal gently by rubbing it with your fingers after collecting the dal in a bowl. Change the water 3-4 times and repeat the process.

As an alternative, you can also wash the dal using a colander and then wash it with running water after putting it in the colander.

Fill a bowl with water and add the dal. Let the pulses soak for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on their type. Split pulses can be soaked for 30 minutes or 1 hour while whole pulses should be soaked for 2 hours. By doing so, complex carbs will be broken down and cooking times will be reduced.

Then wash it again three or four times before using it.

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