Deja vu – What Is It? Does Science Agree That This Memory Illusion Is Real?

The French word déja vu means 'already seen', and déja vu events produce a similar feeling of déjà vu.

It’s a common experience that most of us have experienced called ‘déjà vu’. Have you experienced the creepy sensation that something is happening right now at exactly the same time last year?

What is Déjà vu?

Déja vu refers to the feeling of having seen something before, and during a déja vu event, one may feel as though they have seen it before.

When time travel is connected, déjà vu occurs. It splits up into two parts, one of which differs from the other, and sometimes the experience of these two lines is felt by humans. Thus, déjà vu refers to the experience of remembering an event or a place twice.

People who experience deja vu believe that their present circumstances are the same as those in the past. Some people believe that this occurs when someone enters the future and makes a change to the present.

A Scientific Explanation For Déjà Vu

According to scientists, our brains are divided into two parts: the right side controls the body, while the left side controls the body, and whenever one part of the brain doesn’t reach both our brains simultaneously, our brain thinks that this thing has happened to me in the past. Even after a few microseconds, the signal still does not reach both our brains simultaneously when we are suffering from mental exhaustion or some kind of hangover.

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