Cyber ​​Fraud: The woman got the link in the message, after clicking, one and a half lakh rupees disappeared from the bank account, stay safe like this

Once again the incident of cyber fraud has happened. One month lost more than one lakh rupees due to cyber fraud. According to the report, he had found a link in the message. On clicking on it, they started getting OTP messages. Then more than 1 lakh rupees were deducted from his account.

The incidence of cybercrime is increasing continuously. Once again a cybercrime incident has come to the fore. According to a report, a woman lost more than Rs 1 lakh from her bank account because of clicking on the link found in the SMS.

It has been told in media reports that a woman named Urvashi Phetiya, living in Andheri, Mumbai, received 3 consecutive OTP messages on her mobile number. In this, he was asked to update the PAN card.

The message containing these OTPs also contained a link to his bank account. Giving information about this, the police officer said that as soon as he opened the link, a one-time password came on his mobile. Which he entered as per the instructions given in the SMS.

It has been told in the report that as soon as he entered the first OTP. Three more OTP messages came on his mobile. After that he entered all three OTPs. After this Rs 1.24 lakh was deducted from his bank account. This money was withdrawn in 3 transactions within 5 minutes.

After this, the woman received a confirmation call from the bank in which she was asked whether she had completed these transactions. After this he realized that cybercrime had happened to him. After this he complained to the police regarding this matter.

According to media reports, the police officer has told that efforts are being made to track the number from which the SMS woman was received. When he clicked on this link, the scammers had access to his phone through the phone mirroring app. With this, he could see all the activities happening in the phone.

How to keep yourself safe from these frauds?

You need to beware of such scam messages and calls. Never click on the KYC update or lottery message link. Avoid downloading any app or software on the phone from third-party sites.

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