Chinese hackers are targeting the Indian government, other countries are also being targeted, the report claims

China’s hacker group is continuously targeting the National Informatics Center (NIC). The name of this hacking group is being told as RedAlpha. A report has claimed about this. According to the report, at least 350 domains have been targeted last year. Apart from this, it is also targeting the government of other countries.

China is not deterring its antics. It is now targeting India also in cyber space. A report has been claimed about this. It has been told in the report that hacking groups affiliated to the Chinese government are also targeting the government, NGOs, news publications and think tanks globally.

NIC has also been targeted

It also includes the National Informatics Center (NIC) of India. Chinese hackers send emails. The login details are stolen when they are opened. This group is known as RedAlpha. It constantly searches the login page of NIC. Let us tell you that NIC manages the IT infrastructure and services for the Government of India.

It has been told in the report that this hacking group has targeted at least 350 domains last year. In addition, these Chinese-sponsored hacking groups have targeted organizations such as the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), Amnesty International, the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS), Radio Free Asia (RFA), the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), and has done.

Apart from this, it also targeted other global governments, think tanks and humanitarian organizations that oppose the wrong policies of the Chinese government. Cyber ​​security firm Recorded Future has reported about this.

Uighur Muslims also targeted

This hacking group is engaged in direct targeting of ethnic and religious minorities, including individuals and organizations of Tibetan and Uyghur communities. In recent years RedAlpha has shown greater interest in targeting political, government and think tank organizations in Taiwan.

The report said that this may have been done in an attempt to gather political intelligence. Chinese-based hacking groups send Abasic PDF files to targeted individuals via email. It contains links to phishing sites. It is said that users can preview the link or download the file by clicking on the link.

RedAlpha has been continuously committing credential-phishing activity over the past three years. It uses a large operational infrastructure to support the campaign. Researchers have found that RedAlpha is continuously registering domains that are targeting Taiwanese people, Taiwan-based government, think tanks and political organizations.

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