Can Location Be Known by Phone Number or IP address? How Does the Police Track?

Phone Number Tracking: Are you one of those people who want to track someone’s location? If you want to know the location of someone without his knowledge, then there are some ways to do it. With the help of these methods, one’s location can be tracked. However, these methods are not accessible to the common people. Let us know how the location is tracked by mobile number or IP address.

Can someone track your location or can you track someone? Many people try to know the location of others through mobile number. But this method is not as easy as typing this question on Google. There are definitely some ways of tracking by IP address and IMEI number and phone number.

These methods are not accessible to everyone. For example, you can definitely track someone’s location with an IP address. For this you should have some important information.

But you cannot find someone’s location with the help of mobile number. At least you can’t do it in the right way. Some methods are necessary for this, but it is difficult for the common man to access them.

How police do tracking

To track a phone number, the police use that number or IMEI number. For this the police is dependent on the telecom companies. To track down a phone number, the police ask the telecom company for help. The company informs the police that the number placed on the tracking is active near which cell tower or what is the distance of the number on the tracking from any cell tower. With its help, the police track the location of criminals.

Location can be tracked by address

You can find someone’s location with the help of IP address. That is, Internet Protocol is a set of unique numbers. Each device has its own IP address. This address is a unique set of four numbers. With its help, you can know the location of someone. But for this you must have the IP address of that person. To track the address, you have to take the help of a site like IP Lookup or Wolfram Alpha. After visiting these websites, you will have to enter the IP address in the location search and then you will get its possible location.

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