Buy These Dresses and Accessories for Laddu Gopal Shringaar on the Auspicious Occasion of Janmashtami at less than 500rs.

On the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, everyone wants to make up their Kanha ji very well. So here you will find very beautiful dresses and accessories in low prices.

You can buy this handcrafted colorful dress for Laddu Gopal from number 1 to 6. Its price is quite high and you can Shringar your Kanha with this dress to on Janmashtami or any other festival.

VRINDAVAN LADDU Gopal Traders Cotton Dress (Yellow)

You can get a set of these 4 lovely dresses at very affordable prices. These are the perfect dresses for the handmade and 2-inch Kanha ji.

Any Fashion laddu Gopal Size 0 Dress/Dress Size 4 inch/Krishna Cloth/thakurji/kanha ji/bal Gopal. Set of 4 pcs

You can buy this fancy and beautiful dress in yellow color with a pagdi. It comes for Kanha from number 0 to 5.

Laddu Gopal Yellow Dress with pagdi for krishnaji, thakurji, bal Gopal ji, kanhaji

These green and yellow colored Bandej Laddu Gopal Dress will make you look more beautiful. You are also getting a matching turban with this dress. This dress is a great option for Kanha from number 0 to 6.

Beautiful Bandhej Dress with pagdi for laddu Gopal ji, Thakur ji, bal Gopal ji, Krishna ji (0no. [ 4inch Width ])

If you have 2 number Laddu Gopal then this pearl diamond dress will enhance your Kanhiya’s shringar. You will get this dress in green color only.

Laddu Gopal Dress Fancy Moti Diamond Dress for Kanha ji Size 2 No

Here you will get multicolor Mukut, Mala, Charri, Kundal and Karula for the makeup of Laddu Gopal at a very low price. This is a set of 6 items. You can buy this for Kanha from 0 to 2 numbers.

Suparia’s Metal Laddu Gopal Ji Mukut Mala Shringar Set with Bansuri, Kundal, Karula & Chhari (6 Items)

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