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Are You Having Trouble In Sleeping? This 10-Step Guide Will Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The average Indian sleeps less than seven hours a night, and 81% of them suffer from insomnia? You do not need sleep for your survival, but a good night’s sleep acts as an effective tool for regulating your mind and body. As the body heals and recovers at night, sleep is also very important. Our mental health and our lives can be greatly impacted by a good night’s sleep. Sleep management can help us improve our mood. We will be more productive and better able to concentrate during the day as a result.

To make sure we sleep well at night, we must establish a good routine and make our rooms as productive as possible. You can get better sleep at night by following these tips.

Consistency Is Key –

Try to go to sleep around the same time each evening. It will help regulate your body clock, thereby making it easier for you to fall asleep at night.

Relax Yourself Before Going To Bed –

The best way to switch off at night is to relax before going to sleep. Make reading a habit. Instead of watching TV, listen to some good podcasts or relaxing music. Whenever possible, try to end your day on a positive note.

Basic Exercise

Reflecting on your day or keeping a journal can also help you feel more rested. The mind and body will be relaxed after doing some gentle yoga.

Caffeine Should Be Avoided

We should avoid drinking caffeinated or sugary drinks in bed. Instead of caffeine, choose a warm milky drink or herbal tea to help you fall asleep. For a soothing night’s sleep, herbal eating is an excellent choice.

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Drinking And Smoking Should Be Avoided

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol when you need a good night’s sleep, as they can disrupt your sleep.


Moreover, a dark room makes sleep much easier. To reduce brightness, make sure your curtains block out light and are pulled tight, or if that’s not possible, wear an eye mask.

Don’t use gadgets

A good rule of thumb is to not check your phone for an hour before you go to bed. Allowing your brain to get into sleep mode by limiting screen time. Turn off all your screens and move charging devices to another room.

Block Noise

You also have trouble sleeping when you’re surrounded by a lot of noise. Earbuds can be used to block out noise in a noisy environment.


It’s always a good idea to take a nice bath before going to sleep, it will lower your body temperature and help you sleep better. A faster and better sleep is also possible by opening your window or lowering the temperature of your air conditioner.

Keep Unnecessary Thoughts At Bay

Spend a few minutes walking and then reading a book or listening to some soothing music if you find yourself having trouble falling asleep. Your mind will be refreshed and you will be able to fall asleep more easily.

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