Apple iPhone 14 Pro Might Come With This Old, Classic Feature Back Again

According to MacRumors, based on alleged mockups of the device from a source, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro could come with the classic battery percentage indicator and the battery icon in the top corner of the display.

If you have a clear understanding of how much battery your phone has left, you’ll be more comfortable using it, isn’t it, since it’s the one thing in a smartphone you shouldn’t have to worry about. There’s nothing much more to it than checking the time with the phone.

Usually, you can find out the battery level by switching on the screen or just looking at the screen when the screen is off. You can also determine the battery level by checking the display rather than guessing.

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Moreover, the rumoured elongated pill-shaped cutout above the display looks feasible, leaving enough space for both the number representation of the battery and the battery level.

In the iOS 1 beta, the battery percentage icon just includes the icon (no percentage levels), so this makes it much easier to see where the battery levels stand, and in order to confirm the battery levels, you must go to the settings to figure out what the battery levels are.

Additionally, since Apple is removing the notch, they may experiment with shifting the cell service icon to the left of the display when the phone is locked, while keeping the notification center and battery indicator on the right.

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