An Arrest Warrant Is Issued For A Woman Who Told Police She Was Too Beautiful To Be Arrested For Murdering Her Mother

A 28-year-old woman accused of murdering her mother is accused of telling police previously that she was too good-looking to be arrested.

It is alleged that Hend Bustami killed her mother, 62, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

The California Highway Patrol took Bustami into custody in Barstow, California, around 5 in the morning after discovering the mother’s body, Lt. David Valenta said.

According To The Woman, She Had Been Arrested For Her Good Looks

An arrest report stated Bustami told officers at the time that she was under arrest because she was so good-looking. Bustami allegedly skipped out on a restaurant tab and violated airport rules in August.

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According to the report, officers working D gates were notified by TSA that a female matching that description was sleeping near the security checkpoint, making operations difficult.

Police found Bustami in the baggage claim area, where she was “behaving belligerently and claiming that she was being harassed because she was so beautiful.”.

As officers arrested Bustami, she told them she would spit on all of them, that they were perverts, and that they were trying to rape her because they had never seen anyone as good looking.

After learning that Bustami was wanted by Las Vegas Municipal Court, police arrested her. Records show that she was facing a battery charge dating back to June. She was detained for a short period of time and later released.

He was being held in a jail in San Bernadino County on a fugitive from justice charge related to the killing. At the time of this report, Bustami was not scheduled for court appearances. He will be brought back to Nevada to face murder charges.

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