After Returning From The Dead, A Woman Reveals What The Afterlife Is Like And Says, “I Want To Go Back.”

Our final mystery is what happens after we die. We have spent our lives trying to figure it out in hopes of controlling not only how, but when we die. However, no one can cheat death or prepare for it.

We only have information from people who have experienced near-death situations for now. While many people describe bright lights, voices, or seeing their dead bodies, Jessie Sawyer and Betty Eadie’s experience after they both “died” describes what life is like in the afterlife. Before being brought back to life, they saw these things.

Would Be Happy To Die Again

Our perception of death is that it is a gloomy, scary event that brings nothing but grief. We perceive it as an end to what we know instead of the beginning to a new life. This is due to our tendency to fear anything we don’t understand or know. We grieve the absence of those who die because we aren’t allowed on the other side if we aren’t the ones dying.

Death, Doesn’t Have To Be A Sad Experience.

The experience of dying gave Betty Eadie a new sense of perspective and happiness and she would “quite happily die tomorrow” if she could.

Experiencing Consciousness

According to Betty, the afterlife is a reality that matches science. Numerous studies suggest that the experience of passing over is conscious and that our mind actually knows that we’ve passed over even after our body is declared clinically dead. After death, the spirit takes a while to leave.

After a hysterectomy operation, Betty, now 78, had an afterlife experience. She recalls knowing she was dead as it happened.

When I was in the recovery room, I suddenly felt the blood drain from my body, and then I felt my spirit skittering out of my body at great speed. I looked down and saw my body lying on the bed.

When Betty realized she had died, she thought to herself, “Oh my God, I’m dead.” She then saw three “really ancient men” who confirmed her death.

Experiencing Astral Projection

Betty recalls being able to leave her body and fly out of it, which was perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of her journey. It was Betty’s priority to see her family. She recalled flying out of the window and finding her way to her house. Her husband was sitting in the armchair when she got there.

Despite my concerns, I stood beside him because neither he nor my children knew I had died.

In Betty’s description, we can also see ourselves leaving our bodies while sleeping, which is known as astral projection. In this intentional out-of-body experience, consciousness is able to travel throughout the astral plane and function independently of the physical body.

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Future Visions

It was a revelation for Betty to see her children and grandchildren’s futures. Although she knew that her husband was not aware of her death yet, she did not feel concerned. She states: “I saw them leading good lives in the future.”

The darkness did not scare Betty as she flew back to her hospital bed. She flew through a tunnel and into black space on her way to her bed. Betty didn’t realize how her family would survive without her. As she walked through the tunnel, she noticed a figure she identified as “Jesus Christ.” “He hugged me and said, It’s still not your time.”

I Met The Angels

Betty describes receiving answers to the universe as a whole when she met Jesus. She describes being given the answers to everything in the universe. Then three angelic women appear, and Jesus tells them they will show her everything she needs to know. Then I am taken to the most beautiful garden I have ever seen, as if there were no other gardens in existence.

“I was taken by the angels around all the planets, and then Jesus told me to come back to Earth, but I didn’t want to go back. The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen appeared and it was God who told me to return, and I returned to my body.”

Although Betty hoped to remain in the afterlife, she believed she would one day return. Her doctor confirmed that Betty died five years after she told him about the experience.

Death Is Not A Fear

As Betty’s mother of two, Jessie Sawyer, who “died” at 31 after being hospitalized with internal bleeding after undergoing a gynecological procedure at age 31, shares her experience of the afterlife. Despite the scary circumstances surrounding her death, Jessie says she no longer fears death.

In her words, “If you hadn’t told me 10 years ago that I’d have a near-death experience, I wouldn’t believe you, since I don’t even believe in God.” However, after learning about the afterlife, Jessie developed a new perspective: “I don’t fear dying now; I’d be perfectly okay with it even if I died right now.”

Grief Is a Temporary Feeling

It’s helpful to know that everything in our world is temporary. In the afterlife, it is unclear if this is the case, but in our world, even grief and death are subject to passing. Jessie, like Betty, saw her husband and two children’s impact on her after her death.

Her death didn’t last for very long. She saw herself fall back into her body, causing her pain. Luckily, Jessie was shown how her death would impact her family–that her two children would grow up and be happy.

During her sessions with her doctor, Jessie described her experience as “walking between life and death.”

Live life to the fullest

We know that near death experiences are known to share many similar traits and stories, but we have no evidence or guarantee of what exactly awaits us on the

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