A Spanish Teacher Was Murdered By Students Because Of A Bad Grade

In newly released court documents, prosecutors claim that two high school students beat their Spanish teacher to death because they received poor grades.

Early in November, 2021, Mexican high school teacher Nohema Graber was found beaten to death and buried in a field outside Fairfield, Iowa.

It was determined on November 2, 2021 that Willard Miller and Jeremy Goodale, both 16-year-olds, were the two suspects in her murder.

A defense attorney for Miller, however, is disputing some of the evidence gathered against him at a hearing on Wednesday, claiming police did not have probable cause to search Miller’s house and phone.

A court document was unsealed in response, detailing previously unreported details of Graber’s death and the moments before and after.

On the afternoon of November 2, police discovered that Graber met with Miller at Fairfield High School to talk about Miller’s poor grades.

According to prosecutors, Graber’s murder was motivated by his poor grade, which has a direct connection to Miller.

As she drove home, Graber stopped at a local park where she would often walk after work.

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A witness at the park recalled seeing her van leaving with two young men driving the vehicle, one at the wheel and the other sitting in the passenger seat.

During the investigation, investigators learned from another witness that Miller and Goodale called them and asked for a ride. Graber’s van was found ditched at the end of the same road.

When Miller was interviewed by police, he admitted to being frustrated with Graber’s method of teaching Spanish. He said that he was present at the murder, but did not take part in it.

According to Miller, Graber was kidnapped by a ‘roving group of masked kids’ who also forced him to help move her body with a wheelbarrow. He also claimed they forced him to dispose of Graber’s van.

Miller and the witnesses provided police with information that led them to obtain a warrant for a search of his cell phone. The search revealed that Miller communicated with another person via SnapChat to tell them about Graber’s death, according to the criminal complaint.

Shortly thereafter, Goodale was arrested.

During a search of Miller’s home, investigators discovered ‘multiple clothing items that appeared to contain bloodlike substances.’

It is possible for both teenagers to receive parole if convicted in Iowa, despite facing the possibility of life in prison.

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