A British Man Has Been Jailed For Stalking A Woman He Met Online In The UK

Despite threatening to murder and rape the dead body of a woman in Manchester, a “perverse” American flew to the city to harass her.

According to Greater Manchester Police, Edward Best, from Chicago, became aggressive and obsessed following the breakdown of the couple’s online relationship.

She watched her cousin’s home for 12 days before breaking in armed with a hammer and locking him up.

A police officer caught him trying to flee the country.

The woman received up to 100 messages per day from him, some of which threatened murder and rape, according to the man’s testimony at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court.

A woman living in Hyde was burglarized by Best on the evening of 3 April when he jumped over the back wall to access her home.

While the woman and her family were away, her cousin was watching over the family cat.

After Best locked the back door, barricaded the front door with furniture, and held a hammer to her face, the cousin was subjected to a “horrifying” three-hour ordeal, police said.

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The woman managed to escape through the window after texting a friend and calling for help. Best fled from the back door, ensuing a police manhunt.

In Dublin Airport, security stopped him on a flight destined for New York, arresting him and taking him back to Manchester to be questioned.

In her statement, Detective Emily Blair described his actions as “extremely sinister and frightening to the two young women”.

This may be an unusual case, but it shows that we remain committed to tackling violence against women and girls.

According to Best’s online conversations with his former partner, he was obsessive and aggressive, so it was reasonable to assume he was intending to harm her.”

He was sentenced to seven years in prison for stalking his ex-partner, false imprisonment, attempted false imprisonment, and possession of an offensive weapon.

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