A 28-Year-Old Woman Claims She Was Arrested For Being ‘Too Good-Looking’ At The Las Vegas Airport

The woman said she was harassed because the officers had never seen anyone as pretty as her before.

The 28-year-old woman was reported by KTNV Las Vegas to have been arrested for allegedly leaving a restaurant without paying her bill, violating airport rules, and claiming her arrest was the result of her good looks.

Despite their best efforts, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were unable to locate the woman, Hend Bustami. They were later informed by officials at Harry Reid International Airport that a woman matching the description of the lady they were searching for had been spotted.

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According to the police report, the 28-year-old had been belligerent with officers when she was found at the baggage claim area.

Bustami claimed she was being harassed because officers had never seen anyone as pretty as her when they booked her for skipping out on a restaurant tab.

As the police arrested her, the woman said “she would spit on all of them” and said the officers were perverts trying to rape her since they had never seen anyone of her good looks before.

On the basis of the alleged violations of airport conduct, the woman was imprisoned in the Clark County Detention Center for USD 1,000 bail and sent back to the airport.

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